German Chocolate Cake: Three layers of fresh, soft German Chocolate cake covered and filled with hand made German Chocolate icing that is loaded with pecans and fresh coconut.
German Chocolate Cake
Delectable Chocolate: A light, moist all-American chocolate cake with a chocolate ganache icing that melts in your mouth. “Delicious” is an understatement.
Delectable Choclate Cake Photo
Red Velvet: This tall, smothe, chocolate cake is definitely chocolate with a red hue. When topped with a light cream cheese icing it is love at first sight, and a solid commitment after the first bite!
Red Velvet Cake Photo
Italian Cream Cake: An elegant, gastronomic delight that weighs in at 10 pounds of pure joy. It is chocked full of native pecans, fres h coconut and carefully blended ingredients to make a to-die- for yellow cake that is artfully wrapped in a cream cheese icing.
Italian Cake Photo
Heavenly Delight Cake is actually a Hawaiian Luau. It is a scrumptious yellow cake with succulent mandarin oranges. The icing is a creamy mixture with pineapple and coconut.
heavenly delight cake
Carrot Cake: Your vegetables never tasted sooooo gooood! With three layers of yellow cake chocked full of shredded carrots and native pecans you will renew your commitment to eat health foods. The cream cheese is the icing on the cake!
c arrot cake