Coconut Cream: A rich vanilla pudding with
shredded coconut cradled in a rich flaky pie
crust made from my grandmother’s recipe.
Coconut Cream Pie Photo
Chocolate Cream:This pie offers everything necessary to make a chocoholic swoon-rich, smooth homemade chocolate filling in a flaky crust with a creamy vanilla topping. PIE IN THE SKY!
Chocolate Cream Pie
Banana Cream: This pie tastes like a summer picnic in the 1950’s. The fresh bananas in a rich vanilla pudding, resting in a flaky crust with a creamy topping reminds us of how good it was.
Banana CreamPie Photo
German Chocolate: made with German chocolate, fresh pecans, and shredded coconut in a creamy pudding. Put that in a rich flaky crust with a creamy topping and you have a pie to remember.
german chocolate pie photo
Pecan: How can a precocious little nut produce so much flavor? Fresh native pecans mixed in with sugar, a select syrup, and a delicate blend of spices baked in a flaky crust equals Pie Oh MY!
Pecan and Pumpkin Pie Photo
Key Lime: This “sweet -tart” of a pie offers a rich creamy delicately light lime flavor nestled in a graham cracker crust.
key lime pie photo
Derby: Think pecan pie with dark chocolate chips with a special place on top for ice cream. That’s called an “addiction.”
Derby Pie Photo